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Integration with PHC

PHC CS is a well-known ERP which strong international presence. The integration template is usable across all of the software’s tiers being the automation procedures available according the corresponding software version: Corporate, Avanced or Enterprise.

To learn more visit the PHC homepage.

How the integration works

The PHC user must register an Invisible Collector account and obtain an API Key afterwards.

Then the user will be able to login into Invisible Collector’s private section where the PHC template’s most recent version is available.
The Invisible Collector PHC template is registered in the ExtraPHC store and it has been validated/approved by PHC.
After importing the template into PHC CS, the user will have access to a set of customized user screens where he will be able to manually or automatically upload all his invoicing information – depending on the active software version.

Where PHC operates

InvisibleCloud is a proud

Phc tech partner

PHC- Software, S.A. with headquarters in:

Rua de Vilar, nº 235, 8º
4050-626 Porto