Taking advantage on all the founder’s professional experience, Invisible Collector emerges as the answer to one of humanity's oldest management difficulties ... debt. The concept arises earlier than currency, being applied economic systems on systems of direct exchanges.

The fragile structuring when tackling the problem is not in line with the globalized and online world in which we live and it is in this context that we present an autonomous and automatic solution that guarantees full coverage in the early stages of the debt management process, giving companies the assurance that they shall see their liquidity and productivity enhanced.

The Team

  • Pedro Mendes

    Co-Founder and CEO
    Entrepreneur with several years of experience in startups, always looking for effective solutions to solve business problems.

  • João Madureira

    Co-Founder and CTO
    With many years of experience in IT departments of renowned multinationals, he is the architect of the entire technological process.

  • Mário Rangel

    Co-Founder and CFO
    With a solid economics background, he has worked in several of the leading financial companies and credit insurance companies.